Rock the Vote in Hanky Panky Election Panties

November 6, 2012

Tonight, there is no dying that there will be some major winners and major losers.  No matter which candidate wins, someone is going to cry foul.  All day today, we’ve been encouraging everyone to go out and vote and regardless of what you are wearing, voting is the ultimate fashion do.  The polls are still open so there is no excuse to not go and cast your ballot.

Don’t want to brag about your candidate? Well you can keep your allegiance a secret with the Hanky Panky election panties, a collection of red and white lace thongs bejeweled with either a donkey or an elephant to represent Democrats and Republicans, respectively.  Just want to show your pledge to the nation? Well there is the American Flag panty.  Each Hanky Panky election panty retails for $26.

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