Tips on How to Make Your Hair Highlights Last Longer

September 18, 2012

Reducing the number of foils, strategic placement and using tone-on-tone colors are all ways of creating low maintenance highlights. Instead of foiling hair at every visit, clients can go 2-3 visits without sitting through the process. BUT, what about the happy highlighter that still gets a full head of contrasting highlights and wants to streamline maintenance? Patrick McIvor, Matrix Artistic Director, has a tip.

“If you want a full head of highlights, but don’t want to sit through the service every 6-8 weeks, get a glaze every other to two visits to keep them looking fresh. Glazing reduces the contrast between the highlights and the natural color growing in, helping to eliminate new growth lines and toning highlights with fresh life,” says McIvor.

McIvor says the key is to use the proper color product when glazing. He uses Matrix Gloss Sync Non-Alkaline Acid Color because it’s ammonia-free with a low pH, and conditions and restructures to rebalance hair porosity. It works well for toning highlights, refreshing permanent color and glazing, and because it’s a demi-permanent color, new growth appears more gracefully. Glazing also seals the hair cuticle closed imparting a high gloss finish and drastically reducing frizz. It’s a no brainer!

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