The Perfect Fashion Week Playlist by Glamazon Diaries

September 11, 2012

New York Fashion Week is in full swing and as much fun as it is to drool over the latest collections from some of my favorite designers, it is mentally and physically exhausting to traipse across Lincoln Center to Milk Studio and all over town covering shows.  To give my spirit and energy a boost, I plug rely heavily on a strong music playlist of fashion inspired songs, a few crooners and high octane melodies.  Now we all know that buying $0.99 songs on iTunes can get costly, so when Songza, a new music playlist app and site, enlisted my help in creating a Fashion Week playlist, I was all game.

For the past few days since NYFW started, I’ve had my iPhone in my hands and head phones in my ears to block out the noise of the tents and the traffic while waiting in between shows or just standing in line for the next presentation.  So without further adieu, here is the link to my playlist, which has some old favorites, newly discovered hits and fashionably chic songs that will have you strutting down Lincoln Center as if it was your own little runway: The Glamazon Diaries NYFW Spring/Summer 2013 Playlist

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