Former Oasis Frontman Liam Gallagher Thinks 90% of the Fashion Industry is Run by Idiots!

August 3, 2012


Former Oasis frontman turned fashion designer Liam Gallagher had some pretty harsh things to say about the fashion industry while promoting his line Pretty Green during his recent feature in London’s Telegraph newspaper. Gallagher, who is no stranger to controversy, said 90 percent of the fashion industry is run by idiots. Whoa! Harsh words no?

He seems to know how to run his business since Pretty Green has gain such traction in Europe and Asia. The label earned a cool £4 million, roughly $6.2 million at the current exchange rate and has 11 brick-and-mortar stores in the UK. Just last week, the label also opened its first store in Japan and plans to expand into other markets.

Gallagher, like Blake Lively, does not use stylists for events but unlike Lively, he had a few words to say about musicians who use stylists instead of dressing themselves:

“I’ll never have a stylist. If I like something, I get it and I put it on. Who are these judges? If you like something, you like it, and if someone else doesn’t, well it doesn’t mean you’re wrong, does it? At least you went out and dressed yourself. If someone turned around to me and was like, ‘here mate, take that rubbish off that you’ve worked your b——- off to buy and get this on you…” We guess some people just have the right fashion sense.

The singer, who is currently touring his new band Beady Eye, also called out ‘fashion people’ for getting freebies. He deduces that since he spends more money of clothes than say, Anna Wintour, he knows his “s*&t.”

That’s not all; he also goes on to denounce “old geezers in tracksuits” and pokes Mick Jagger, saying comfort trumps fashion.

“Mick Jagger, he’s done his time now, hasn’t he? So he’s wearing lovely, nice loafers and his feet are comfortable.” Well if you’ve got moves like Jagger, you can wear pretty much anything in our humble opinion.

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