Barbie Gets A Bedazzled Makeover from The Blonds

August 12, 2012

In Barbie’s perfect world, everything is shiny, pink and rosy.  The blonde bombshell gets a revamp this winter with a makeover by design duo David and Phillipe Blond of The Blonds.  Coming in December to toy store shelves near you is the Blond Diamond Barbie, outfitted with the finale look from The Blonds Fall 2008 show, a rhinestone crusted bustier dress with a long diva-like white faux-fur coat and rhinestone encrusted pumps.

The Blonds, whose over the top creations have adorned the bodies of megastars like Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Kim Cattrall, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, were approached by Mattel to create the limited edition Barbie doll that is sure to keep the iconic doll in the spotlight while upping the popularity of the designers’ label to the average consumer.

The original look from the fall 2008 collection themed ‘Blond Legends,’ cost a whopping $35,000, not chump change for this blogger but we’re sure whoever bought this looks smashing going out on the town in it.  For us regular folks, we can get our hands on a replica look worn by Barbie for $125.

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