Nordstrom Flagship Store to Open in Manhattan

July 2, 2012

Nordstrom is officially coming to New York City with a flagship store on 225 West 57th Street but not until 2018, 2017 if we’re lucky.  The decision to open a New York flagship has been a long awaited decision that many New York transplants have been waiting for.  The new store will have 285,000 square feet and over seven levels, making it the largest Nordstrom department store.

Nordstroms around the country boast great shoe salons, the Manhattan flagship will be the same, housing some of the top shoe labels we’ve come to know and love.  Insiders say the shoe department won’t be as big as Macy’s or Saks Fift Avenue’s but they do promise an impressive selection nonetheless.

There is some speculation that a second Nordstrom will be built downtown, following the uptown flagshop, though Erik Nordstrom says no big steps have been taken in securing a space.  We do know that the department store officials plan on builing more Nordstrom Racks, which offer the same designer brands from past seasons at a discount.

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