Try a Trend: Magnetic Nail Polish

April 19, 2012

I’ve been obsessed with nail art as of late and have found myself spending hours on YouTube watching nail tutorials.  Of all the coolest nail designs you can do at home by yourself is using magnetic nail polish to create swirls and unique designs.  Magnetic nail polish create 3D nail art designs in some really chic shades.  In just minutes, you can create professional looking nails.

Using the magnetic polish is super easy.  You simply paint your nails using the magnetic polish then hold the magnet, located on the top of the nail polish bottle, over the newly painted nail to create cool textures.  Magnetic polishes have been available in Europe for several years but now they are available stateside. Several brands have these new nail lacquers, including nails inc, China Glaze, Forever 21, FingerPaints and Layla Magneffect.


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