Get the Look: Nicole Ritchie’s Hair on Cover of Flare Magazine

March 1, 2012

Nicole Ritchie is the latest celebrity to cover the April 2012 issue of Canadian fashion magazine Flare. I adore her messy mane with a sultry bang.  The great advantage to a mid- length hair style is the amount of texture and dimension we can add to the hair style with layering and styling. Heres how to get this effortless-looking style, thanks to celebrity hair stylist Stacey Ellis of Byu-Ti Salon.


Blow Dryer

Sectioning Clips

Flat Paddle Brush

Medium Round Brush

Flat Iron


Colour Stylist Root Lift

Colour Stylist Fortifying Heat Spray

Colour Stylist Anti Breakage Twist

Colour Stylist Strengthening Control

Begin by applying Colour Stylist Root Lift directly to the roots of the hair, spray on in rows about 1″ inch apart and comb through to disperse the product evenly.

Next spray the Colour Stylist Heat Fortifying Spray to the Mid-shaft and ends of the hair, this with give you the essential protection from the heat of the blow dryer and the flat iron, once dry.

Take out the moisture and activate the volume at the root by blow-drying the hair upward using a Paddle Brush.

Next section the hair into small sections the same width and length of the barrel of your Round Brush.  Wrap each section until it’s dry, once around the brush get it hot and let it cool before taking out the brush. This will create some movement in the hair.

Once the hair is completely dry use the flat iron to create more texture. The trick to curling the hair with a flat iron, is to keep the iron moving through the hair at all times, try not to stop on a section or you will make creases in the hair.

Pick out a few side pieces and curl the hair by running the flat iron through the section like you are curling ribbon-pulling and turning in one movement.  On the top layers flick some pieces out with the iron.

Finish the look by applying a dime size of Colour Stylist Anti Breakage Twist into your hands and emulsify.  Scrunch into the ends and piece out some of the hair that you had flicked out with the iron.

Set everything with a light layer of the Colour Stylist Strengthening Hairspray for shine and control that still moves!

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