Vera Wang and Eric Daman Talk About Gossip Girl Wedding Dresses

January 31, 2012

If you missed tonight’s episode of Gossip Girl, I suggest you head over to Hulu in the morning and catch up on the epic royal wedding, who wore what and the drama that ensued. The wedding didn’t happen and as much as we all hoped it would be Chuck who would stop the wedding, plans changed with Gossip Girl adding a splash of her diabolical and vile antics to the mix. We also find out at the end of the episode, the identity of the Upper East Side’s gossip queen, Georgina. Yes! Jaw dropping to the floor ladies.

As for the royal wedding of Prince Louis to Queen B, there was fanfare, drama, lots of fascinators (wouldn’t be a royal wedding without it) and gorgeous dresses galore.  Blair wore a dazzling lace wedding gown that took a while to make by hand, as explained by Vera Wang in the video above.  The scene stealer was Serena, who pulled a Pippa Middleton in her handpainted one shoulder dusty pink gown. Check the video for more on the gowns and how to score them at a surprisingly affordable price.

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