[CLOSET ENVY] The Evil Queen on ‘Once Upon a Time’

January 22, 2012

Since the airing of the first episode of the ABC series Once Upon a Time last year, I’ve been a huge fan of the period costumes worn by the fairy tale characters, particularly that of the Evil Queen, played by Lana Parilla.  Her bad ass attitude matches her equally bad ass costumes, primarily in the black, blue and burgundy color palettes. The evil queen is heartless, conniving and a total bitch, but what makes me love and envy her is the clothes she dons for scheming and destruction plots. Her wardrobe is not dated at all, she is a credit to costume designer Eduardo Castro.

For starters, the Evil Queen usually dons a cap, usually in leather or a heavy jacquard fabric.  She also prefers leather pants, with a rocking body like hers, I would opt for them as well.  It really pays to be bad, as she proves on the show, because her costumes and makeup are usually the best of all the female characters on the show.

It seems viewers aren’t the only ones who noticed and loved the Evil Queen’s wardrobe.  The Costumes Designers Guild have nominates the show’s costume designer Eduardo Castro for the Outstanding Period/Fantasy Television Series category.  Tune in to ABC on Sunday nights at 8pm to catch all the Queen’s clothes at Once Upon a Time.

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