Try a Trend: Velvet for the Winter

December 26, 2011

The thought of wearing anything velvet used to make me cringe.  This was simply because I deemed it old school and archaic.  To me, the fabric was reserved for old opera cloaks, King Henry and the wardrobe of relics we see re-imagined for television.  Until recently, the only velvet I touched was a ‘velvet rope’ to get into swanky lounges and clubs.  The fabric is getting a revival thanks to starlets, socialites and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, who rocked the hell out of a strapless black velvet Alexander McQueen gown to an event earlier this December.  Everything Kate touches turns to sold and with her universal appeal, women are taking a second look at the fabric once reserved for the Artist formerly known as Prince in his purple rain days.

Velvet is an excellent fabric to wear in the winter because of its weight and durability.  Aside from leaving some imprints (Epic FAIL!!) on your bum after sitting and being tough to wash, the sheen of the fabric makes any outfit sophisticated.  Designers like Proenza Schouler, Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, Ralph Lauren and Marc Jacobs have included velvet in their recent collections, causing a flurry of celebrities to don red carpet stunners made out of this regal fabric.  With the holiday season in full swing, there is not reason you can’t try this trend for good measure. Here are a few simple rules to make sure you don’t look dated.

  • Just make sure to choose a silhouette that’s not too retro or matronly.
  • Keep embellishments on the fabric to a minimum
  • Don’t be afraid of color
  • Keep shoes, handbags and accessories in the same soft fabric family

Below are oodles of velvet dresses and gowns that make this trend worthy of trying.




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