5 Minute Celebrity Inspired Holiday Hair Looks by David Babaii

December 20, 2011

In a bind and need a quick hairstyle for the holidays or a last minute party? Celebrity hairstylist David Babaii lends his quick and easy style how to’s that will have everyone taking notice of your holiday glamour.

1. Begin by applying Couture Colour Pequi Oil to dry hair and create a quick up-do by combing hair back into a low or upper nape ponytail and fasten. Take various size strands, looping, twisting or braiding them into and around the base like David did for Nicole Kidman. Secure with bobby pins. Spray with a flexible hold hair spray to keep in place. Add a decorative pin to finish this party look.

2. Have a busy day ahead? Secure all of your hair into a messy ponytail. The tighter you fasten and twist the ponytail, the more waves you will achieve. Then spritz it with IT&LY HAIRFASHION’s Pure Texture: this will serve as your first style of the day. This versatile style can work for either work or running errands. For the evening, undo the ponytail and you will have instant waves and texture like David created for Olivia Wilde below.

Flip your head down spritz with IT&LY HAIRFASHION’s Pure Hair Eco Hairspray and then flip back to create volume. For added texture spritz additional Pure Hair Eco. You can also twist one or both sides up and away from the face or add a decorative headband to finish the style.

3. Want a quick illusion like David did below for Scarlett Johansson? Begin by rolling your long tresses under and secure with pins creating a short “faux bob” look. Add headband or decorative pins for extra oomph. For a dramatic look sweep your hair over to one side and cup under for another quick change. Finish with White Sands Infinity Hairspray for a long lasting, flexible hold with shine. Everyone will think you cut your hair!

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