Get Nailed This Fall Part III: French Manicure

November 3, 2011

Creative Director of Pretty Woman USA, Aija Vilemsonne, fills us in on what’s in this season, and gives us the knowledge to execute these trends at home. Aija says, “No matter what trends come and go, I know that the classic French will always be a sought-after look for nails. I constantly get questions about creating the perfect French manicure at home, and although it is very simple, most people don’t have a solid set of tips for application. The French is a classic because it is endlessly wearable; no matter what occasion, it looks pulled together, sophisticated, and well-placed.”


  • Aija recommends using the Pretty Woman French Nail Guide (, available in Rite Aids nationwide, as a quick-fix to creating the materials yourself. However, if you don’t have a kit handy, you can use household items.
  • Take a thin strip of either masking tape or the strip from the Nail Guide, and apply it across the top of your nail, just below the edge. Make sure the line is straight.
  • Use a light pink or nude color to apply color over the nail, including over the tape. Allow time for drying. Next, remove the tape and apply the white polish above the tape line, covering the tips of your nails.
  • Allow time for drying, and then apply another coat of the pink or nude shade on the base of the nail. This will darken the color without taking away from the brightness of the white.
  • Apply top coat.

“Nails are all about personality. Take these trends to the next level by using fun colors, and take the time to dedicate to your nails. This season, everyone will be checking them out!” says Aija.

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