How to Get the Perfect Blowout at Home

October 5, 2011

Your hairstyle can make or break your look. With little time and a tight budget to pay a visit to the nearest salon, blow your hairstyling woes away. With tips from Professional Hair Stylist and Ferrum Inventor Barbara Abbasi, you can achieve the perfect salon blow-out in your own home.

Wide-Tooth Comb
Mixed Bristle Medium-sized Round Brush
Flat Iron
Blow Dryer

Prep Time
Gently pat you hair dry with a towel after showering to avoid damaging your precious locks. Be sure to remove any excess moisture.

Detangle your hair by brushing with a wide-tooth comb. To avoid frizz, pointing the nozzle down from scalp to ends gently dry hair for a couple minutes. If you have thick textured hair apply smoothing product to better control/style your hair.

Section and Start
Section your hair into pieces, about 4 inches wide, and clip to hair. Leave one piece down.

Grab your round brush, beginning at your roots, blow dry your hair downward until mid-length. Remember, your ends dry the fastest, so concentrate on the top part of your locks.

The nozzle should steadily follow your brush at a 90 degree angle so that the air is directed downwards. This is imperative to achieving the perfect blow-out—sans frizz.

Repeat with each strand and unclip as you go. Make sure your locks are fully dry—but do not overheat hair.

Ironing out All the Flaws
To perfect your blow-out and to smooth out any flaws, without losing volume, use the Ferrum Professional Styler and I assure you it’s like no tool you’ve ever used. What makes Ferrum different? One part non-heated padded fabric element and one part tourmaline coated ceramic plate. The real distinction of this tool is the fabric padded side. The fabric is a combination of lightweight, anti-static polymers that allows the hair to “breathe” while straightening. The Ferrum styler will allow your hair to retain more of its natural moisture, volume and shine—while eliminating frizz.

Maintaining Your New Do
Avoid stroking or touching your hair often or at all. This will make your hair greasy. Do not blow-out your hair everyday—your hair needs a break.

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