@DKNY PR Girl’s Identity Revealed

October 24, 2011

One of fashion’s best kept secrets was revealed over the weekend.  The identity of the woman behind DKNY’s twitter account has been a well guarded secret, with those in the know having enough respect and admiration for said person to to not blow her cover.

Since joining the Twitterverse two years ago, @DKNY PR Girl has captivated hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter as well as the countless bloggers who frequently ask about her identity.  I remember one guy telling me he had a dream about meeting the real gal behind the Blackberry.  Aliza Licht, the powerhouse PR gal behind Donna Karan International revealed herself in grand style with a short clip reminiscent of Gossip Girl or a confessional on the Real World with a short video for fans.  She takes us behind the scenes of being the Jill-of-All-Trades, juggling social media, print and online media, event planning, celebrity dressing and wrangling and so much more on her plate.

She is a total gem and an industry gem.  She’s leads the fashion pack when it comes to social media, showing others how personal and interactive a brand can be without losing its focus.  She’s been a constant source of inspiration for many and now with her identity revealed, is going to be a mentor for a lot more people.

Did I mention her fabulous closet?  Now I get to take pictures of her entire outfit to show it off on Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook.  Get to know her on Monday nights as she leads a Gossip Girl tweet-up she made famous by following the hash tag #GG.  If you haven’t already check her out, follow her on Twitter and Tumblr for all things fashion, PR and most importantly, DKNY.

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