LOL! Whatever will they think of next? Alice in Wonder TEXT!

September 2, 2011

It’s that time of year again…back to school! The perfect classroom accessory? A copy of Alice’s Adventures in NYC Wonderland – The Text Generation. It’s a classic story re-written in text message-style and with a New York character.

Fairytale goes digital.

Following the classic story, the book centers around a a character named Alice…except this modern-day girl is from New York City, loves Juicy C clothes, Dylan’s candy bar, and Prada Candy. Journeying to her own version of Wonderland, this Alice tells the story to her BF who writes it down in txt on her cell phone

Inspiring a new generation of readers who can identify with this character and re-discover the original story, the book remains true to its original spirit without taking away from the genius of Lewis Carroll.

The book comes at a perfect time as people tweet, Facebook message and text, while traditional language has become obsolete especially among many kids in a social setting. This book is intended to get people talking and reading and ultimately re-experience the original story.

The book’s author SMJ Crimp is an award winning documentarian /TV producer and has written 8 books in traditional language for mainstream publishers including St Martin’s and Harper Collins.

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