Blast from the Past: Pan Am Explorer Bag

September 26, 2011

Tap into your inner travel junkie with the Pan Am Explorer bag – the perfect carry all! With Pan Am, “getting there” always meant unmatched civility pooled with the pinnacle of cool.  When Pan Am introduced the world to the jet age, the Pan Am bag was seen as more than just a carry on; it was a proudly carried symbol that represented a once in a lifetime experience.

The Fondas, Kennedys and the Beatles were all carriers of this iconic bag.  With the new ABC series Pan Am starring Christina Ricci,  Kelli Garner, Margot Robbie? and Karine Vanasse? now airing Sunday nights, the bags are being revived. Check out the entire collection at but my favorite is the Explorer, which I received a few weeks ago as a present at the Us Weekly 25 Most Stylish party.

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