Felt So Good! Gräf & Lantz Felt Handbag Collection

August 10, 2011

One of the must try trends of the year is color blocking, be it with clothing or accessories, it’s the one look that celebs have been showcasing since the beginning of the year on the red carpet. This trend can be overwhelming and intimidating for the average person who doesn’t have a stylist in their corner. Take baby steps to color blocking by starting with accessories, in our case the felt handbags by Los Angeles design duo Holger Gräf and Daniel Lantz of Gräf & Lantz, a handbag and accessories company giving felt fabrics a face lift with their uber stylish collection.

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Available in  sixs styles,  the Gräf & Lantz – handmade in Los Angeles – collection are stylishly crafted with details like pebbled alligator in various mouth watering color combinations and leather trimmings.  The colorful totes and boat bags are perfect for the high school or college student looking to upgrade from the frumpy backpack to something ultra chic.  Going boating with gal pals but don’t want to get your favorite bag wet? These bags are waterproof and can take a good beating while still retaining their shape.  For the gents, the sleek duffel bag, available in two muted colors, are perfect for a weekend getaway.  The Gräf & Lantz handbags retail for $249 – $359.

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