If the Clothes Don’t Fit, You Shouldn’t Wear It!

Say what you will about Kim Kardashian and her “entrepreneurial” spirit and over saturated and over exposed image.  The girl has style and a dynamite body to match.  She rarely lands on the worst dressed list but when she does, it’s for stupid reasons, like wearing an ill-fitting outfit.  The color block skirt, midriff bearing top and gold belt combo from the Gucci Spring/Summer 2011 collection has been a red carpet favorite among the celebrities, so it’s a given that Kim Kardashian would want to take her turn wearing this highly coveted outfit.

The reality star was in London this week promoting her perfume and made one of the biggest blunders a celebrity can make at an appearance.  The outfit did not fit her voluptuous figure, with the skirt bunching a bit and her normally trim and toned tummy bulging over the gold Gucci belt.  We give Kim Kardashian a free pass this time around because she might not have looked in the mirror before heading out the door.

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  1. I don’t understand why these celebrities makes this type of fashion mistakes.

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