T-Mobile Spokes Model Carly Wears Bespoke

April 22, 2011

T-Mobile threw a party on Wednesday night for its newest products, T-Mobile G2x with Google by LG and the G-Slate Honeycomb Android tablet on the west side.  The wireless provider is giving the Apple iPad a run for its money with the LG G-Slate Honeycomb, a superfast Android tablet that does everything the iPad does and more.  Its complimentary phone, the LG G2X Android phone isn’t so shabby either.  Guests tested the new products at kiosks set up throughout the venue.  Guests also got a change to meet T-Mobile’s spokes model Carly Foulkes, who has been garnering attention all over the blogosphere and among technology geeks who swoon over the brunette beauty.

Carly, a Canadian born model, moved to NYC to pursue acting and got her big break being the face of the T-Mobile wireless network.  Wearing a frock in her signature pink hue, the model worked the room, taking photos with guests and enjoying the music blasting from the speakers. We cornered Carly to inquire about her gorgeous dresses that have had us pay closer attention to the T-Mobile commercials.  She told us the dresses are custom made by stylist Debra LeClair, chose the vintage-’50s silhouette for universal appeal.  We were a bit bummed to know that the Carly’s dresses are not for sale but maybe T-Mobile will make a foray into clothing with a limited edition re-creation of some of the model’s looks just for its loyal customers.

** Photos by Makeda Saggau-Sackey

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