Couture Hair Extensions Boosting Confidence, One Inch at A Time

April 19, 2011

Hidden in a quaint building in the heart of Grand Central and Madison Avenue shops, is a luxury hair salon revolutionizing the way women look and feel about their hair. Angelo David, owner of the eponymous hair salon has made a name for himself by creating customized hair extensions, Couture Hair Extensions to be exact, to make clients with all types of hair dilemmas look and feel beautiful.

On this cold, balmy and overcast Saturday afternoon, I opt for a deep conditioning treatment and a trim. I have, after all, still not gotten the proper hair care after taking out my extensions. Rita, my stylist walks me to the shampoo section where a lovely shampooer awaits to clean and condition my hair before styling. This is not the average run of the mill hair shampooing.  He sections my hair and pays fine detail to each strand as he massages my scalp. The shampooing treatment alone is worth my trip to Grand Central from Financial District. He then puts me under the dryer for 20 minutes but not before applying a Moroccan Oil Deep Conditioning hair treatment.

As I wait for my conditioning treatment to soak into each fiber of hair, I keep observing the woman to my right getting brunette hair extensions installed in her hair by Angelo and another stylist meticulously. It’s like watching an artist creating his masterpiece. The woman is slowly being transformed in front of my eyes from average to sexy with the addition of each layer. I think to myself how powerful voluminously long hair can transform a woman’s attitude and perception about herself.

Angelo David’s process for designing and creating the perfect coif of extensions is personal, individual and private.  The process starts with a personal consultation in a private room, where Angelo works with the client to customize the hair to suit her lifestyle while addressing specific issues the client might have.  After the consultation, the wefts of hair are made to order, mixing and matching until the right texture and weight are achieved. Angelo then applies the hair extensions, making sure it fits, frames and compliments the client’s face. After application, he cuts and styles the hair, leaving a natural looking mane that other women will envy.  The Angelo David Couture Hair Extensions don’t come cheap but are definitely worth it, according to his Rolodex of clients who always pay him a visit before special occasions or just for everyday wear.

The salon also offers the basic hair care solutions as well as Angelo David hair care products.  Find out more information at

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