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Marc Jacobs Intern Hacks into Twitter Account on Last Day

What do you do on your last day of work if you want to get back at your boss? Warn your successor and vent a bit obviously. A Marc Jacobs intern took to the Twitterverse to vent his frustration working with Robert Duffy, Marc Jacobs’ business partner, who normally controls the twitter account. Seems that Robert was such a “tyrant” that the intern quit his job and ran out of town.  All I have to say is, that is very unprofessional.  Learn to take it and walk away gracefully so that you can get a reference one day.  It doesn’t help anyone to burn bridges.

@MarcJacobsIntl, the Twitter handle for Marc Jacobs, tweeted that they’ve learned their lesson, and that is to keep their passwords on lock down.


  1. He is a winner in my book.

  2. Stefanie Grace says:

    Wow. Just really not necessary! He must be put off fashion for life!

  3. sydandpia says:

    Yup he burned bridges yet it took balls to do what he did! He's cool in my book!

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