Currently Coveting | DKNY Sleevless Scarf Cozy Blouse

January 13, 2011

I am one of those girls who loves every single item in her closet. I have to confess that it is extremely hard for me to party with anything I’ve invested in. To narrow down my closet further, I have my “can’t live withouts,” a well edited collection of pieces that will never be lent out to friends or family. Among these elite items is my DKNY Cozy collection, the ultra luxurious, wear it however you want, spruce up any outfit and make you cardi-wraps that every woman should have.

I went on the DKNY website today to check out the latest arrivals and discovered a new addition to the cozy family, a Sleeveless Scarf Cozy Blouse. This is the perfect piece to wear by itself or layer on top of a tank top or t-shirt come Spring and Summer. The cozy comes in a black and and white print or a nude and black print, both of which are exclusive to DKNY. Though I can’t decide which color to pick, I’m leaning more towards the nude print, which would undoubtedly be the pop of color I need for my Spring wardrobe.

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