New York Housewives Bare All with Newest Member Cindy Barshop

December 9, 2010

Last season on the Real Housewives of New York City, Kelly Bensimon went crazy on Terror Island (we all know she’s actually a sane and a sweet gal in person); Bethenny Frankel got engaged, pregnant and married and then left the show.  Not before managing to finally reconcile with former bestie Jill Zarin, who isolated the Skinny Girl chef for “neglect” and the infamous voicemail stating that Zarin needed to “get a hobby.” A newly divorced LuAnn De Lesseps jumped back into the dating pool with a few suitors but found love in Jacques. She also started a budding singing career with her first single Money Can’t Buy You Class.
Brooklynite Alex McCord found her voice and confidence and stood up to the other housewives, often butting heads with Jill. The season ended with Alex and Jill calling a truce but promising to stay away from each other and mind their own business. Sonya Morgan, the new housewife entertained us with her sexual independence, her love of men of all races and accompanying Ramona to the plastic surgeon for a little nip and tuck. Speaking of Ramona, she had the most growth last season, finding a balance between work and family life. She ended the season with a vow renewal ceremony that had us shedding a tear or two.
Whew! So much drama and so little time for the New York housewives who opt out of table throwing, weave pulling and gun totting bodyguards; instead piling on the verbal altercations and alienations. Last night at Kiss & Fly in the Meatpacking District, the ladies banded together to welcome the newest housewife Cindy Barshop, a former IBM exec turned entrepreneur, who has made her millions getting ladies and gents smooth and bare.  She owns the very popular laser hair removal and body waxing day spa Completely Bare.  Cindy was beautifying nether regions long before Jennifer Love Hewitt made Vagazzling the “IT” thing to do and intends to empower women to adorn their lady parts with Swarovski crystals while being hair free.
Cindy launched Completely Bare’s new limited edition Bikini Wax Kit, an easy to manage and ouchless (pain is relative) waxing kit that allows women to get salon quality Brazilian or basic bikini wax at home.  There is a bonus Vajewel™ in the shape of a holiday bow made exclusively with Swarovski Elements for some extra seasonal flair. Of course, her new besties were there to support her and film a few scenes for the show.
Back to the Housewives! Alex and Simon were there and as always Simon was the life of the party.  This Aussie is fun, down to earth and downright hilarious. He was rocking a V-neck with a newly waxed chest. Smooth sailing my man!  I adored the tweed jacket he was rocking. His main squeeze Alex, was isolated from the other Housewives, signaling that the reign of Zarin was still intact (not necessarily a bad thing. We do need an alpha female to lead the show after all).  Cindy, the newest housewife, gabbed on with LuAnn, Kelly and Jill, laughing one minute and deep in conversation the next. I saw Kelly reach for a tissue but saw no tears streaming down the face of any of the Housewives. It is the cold and flu season so she might have had the sniffles.
Missing were Ramona and Sonya from the party but I’m guessing they were probably too busy with their business ventures, family lives or other drama to come enjoy the Vajewel party with the rest of the lovely ladies. Fashion wise, LuAnn took the award for looking tres chic in a tailored gray frock that accentuated all the right body parts. Divorce has done her good. She seems really happy and content. Too bad she couldn’t remember the maker of her dress. Alex told me she was wearing a beaded top by Robin Brouilette and pants by Loris Diran, whom you might remember as the designer featured last season at Brooklyn Fashion Week for one of the episodes. Cindy looked stunning in all black with a shapeless Richard Nicholl dress, Chanel boots and bracelets by fellow Housewife Kelly Bensimon. Jill’s Sam Edelman shoes with spikes adorning the heel were too fabulous.
I hate women not getting along so I really hope Alex and Jill will settle their differences. I did snap a photo of Alex with Jill’s cousin Debbie, who didn’t seem to mind chatting with the Housewife. I’m sure there will be plenty of drama for the next season but hopefully they’ll keep it classy as they’ve always done and stay away from flipping tables and shoving matches.

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