Louis Vuitton Celebrates Diwali

December 8, 2010

Louis Vuitton has been celebrating Diwali, the Indian Festival of Lights since November 4 of this year. The French fashion house will pay tribute to the Indian heritage by decorating all its stores with Indian motifs.  Celebrating Diwali is Louis Vuitton’s way of paying homage to the rich history, art and culture of India and celebrating the shared respect for tradition and passion for innovation. The fashion house also commission two “Louis Vuitton fabrics” woven by Indian craftsmen for the occasion.  The fabric, which has a mix of monogram flowers and traditional Indian motifs, was designed in the Louis Vuitton studio and will be used to create limited edition dresses and accessories.

For the remainder of 2011, the global network of Louis Vuitton stores will be lit up with elegant displays of traditional Hindu motifs, in celebration of Diwali, the Indian Festival of Lights. For Louis Vuitton, a Maison deeply steeped in values of transmitting heritage and traditions, Diwali will be a wonderful occasion to share its values with visitors worldwide in an atmosphere of joy and festivity. The two month long festivities in November and December 2010 will also be a tribute to Louis Vuitton’s special relationship with India which dates back to almost a century.

Louis Vuitton collaborated with contemporary Indian artist Rajeev Sethi to show case columns of trunks, specially crafted and hand painted banana fiber paper that glow from the inside.  Packaging of Louis Vuitton products will also have Indian inspired motifs, tying in to the Festival of Lights.

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