David’s List | What Men Want for Christmas

December 16, 2010

Finding the perfect gift for that special guy in your life can be a daunting task and one that can really stress a girl out if she doesn’t know where to start. I am not the expert on what men really want, especially not for Christmas, which is why I turned to several of my guy friends who epitomize style, class and the ultimate gentleman. I asked each guy to give me a list of items they are coveting this holiday season.

When I asked my friend David to give me his list of what he wants to see under the Christmas tree on December 25 and boy was he specific.  David has very discerning taste and knows what makes the man’s man tick. For starters, he’s the type of guy who loves made-to-measure shirts, he keeps abreast of the latest in pop culture and politics and loves all things tradition.  This Southern gentleman has a discerning taste in men’s fashion and a finely tuned palette for good food.  He’s always the life of the party and manages to look good doing it.  I asked this guy who works hard and plays hard what would make his eyes light up on Christmas Day. See below for David’s picks.

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