Bar Refaeli and Giorgio Armani in Harper’s Bazaar

December 6, 2010

Giorgio Armani takes to the high seas in high style with Bar Refaeli, in the December issue of Harper’s Bazaar. The designer offers a tour of his yacht, the Main, discusses his lifestyle, and chats with Refaeli about Leonardo DiCaprio.

“How’s Leo?” Armani asks, referring to Leonardo DiCaprio, Refaeli’s boyfriend. “Oh, he’s good,” she replies. “He’s jealous I’m here.” “I’ll bet,” comes Armani’s reply.

“I need to close myself off in my own private world,” he says. “I am too exposed normally. The boat is a refuge.”

“What I like about being on a boat is the rhythm and the routines,” Armani says, seated in front of a minimal onboard fireplace. “They remind me of the military. It’s discipline.”

Naomi Watts, a guest on Armani’s Main: “He’s Captain Mr. Chic,” says the actress. “His yacht is a floating version of himself: sleek, chic, and very comfortable.”

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