Booted & Pumped up for Fall

October 24, 2010

I’ve been editing my shoes and accessories closet to make room for new items for the Fall and Winter.  What I’ve noticed about my shoe collection is that I have too many black shoes, not enough boots and too many uncomfortable shoes that have seen the light of day only once. There should be a fine balance of practical and cute.  I was perusing the Bergdorf Goodman blog and found some shoes that I am coveting for the season. I have an affinity for wedges, platforms and square and round toe pumps.

Pointed heeled shoes are on my list of don’ts this season. I like what I like and pointed toed shoes are definitely not on that list. I also feel that they’ve been done and done and done and done and done! Aside from my Christian Louboutin Pigalle, and my soon to purchase Manolo Mary Janes, pointy toe heels will not make it into my closet for a few seasons. I am saving up for the four pairs of shoes here for my shoe collection because I deem them to be cute and versatile. The Tory Burch boots will go with everything; from a riding skirt to riding boots, jeans to a sweater dress. The Miu Miu embellished pumps are my fantasy shoes for this season. It is a bit more than the less embellished pair in the collection but worth every penny.


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