Victoria’s Secret Launches Signature Fragrance Bombshell

September 24, 2010

Victoria’s Secret officially launched its new signature fragrance, Bombshell, this week. I’ve been using the fragrance for about two month prior to its launch when I received a sample of it at the Victoria’s Secret Holiday Preview. The scene is decadent and intoxicating, evoking a sexy, confident and sophisticated woman who knows how to have a good time yet not afraid to make her own good time. I snagged a full-size bottle at the Victoria’s Secret VIP Suite last week during fashion week. This perfume is on my list favorites list.

The fragrance has a combination of Purple Passion Fruit from the Brazilian rainforest and effervescent Moscato d’Asti grapes from Tuscany; an added exotic floralcy with Shangri-la Yellow Peonies discovered along the trail of the White Horse Snow Mountains in China and Vanilla Orchid, the beautiful bloom of the vanilla plant.  

We found it in the form of Italian Sunstruck Pine, a stunning aromatic note of Ligurian Pine captured at the moment it’s warmed by the afternoon sun. Victoria’s Secret Bombshell is the first women’s fragrance to use this unique headspace note, creating an entirely new fragrance category in the process: Fruity Aromatic Floral.  Together, the sparkling fruits are balanced by sultry depth for a fresh sensuality that is at once confident, sexy, glamorous and ultra- feminine. One of a kind. Just like a Victoria’s Secret Bombshell.

Bombshell is encased in an emerald cut bottle with the iconic Victoria’s Secret stripe in a pearl finish at the back of the bottle. Topping it all off is a gem- inspired pink cap, tied with a playful black satin bow.

The Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Fragrance comes in:
Eau de Parfum, 1.7 oz.
Body Mist, 8.4 oz.
Body Lotion, 8.4 oz.
Luminous Body Powder, 2.6 oz.

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