The Situation Shirt | Abs of Steel Belong in a Museum

September 22, 2010

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got a situation here and it isn’t pretty.  Those with washboard abs work hard to achieve the ripped six pack and V combination. It’s a no brainer that come Summer all the meat heads and chiseled set rip off their shirts and hit the pool or the beach to show off those abs. With winter rearing it’s ugly head, those abs have to go into hiding.  Well hide those abs no more.  There is a new t-shirt collection in town, that promises to keep your abs on display all winter long.

The Situation Shirt; yes you read it right, The Situation Shirt, a line of tanks, crew and v-neck shirts have a cutout ab section covered with a clear fabric.  It allows your abs to be on display, you know sort of like in a museum.  Those washboard abs are a work of art after-all, so why not encase them to let everyone see.  These shirts are a riot and the only place I can see them is in a gym where some meat head can’t help but show off his abs. If women can wear just sports bras to the gym, I guess men can show off their abs while hitting the squat rack.  In order to buy one of the Situation Shirts, you need to email

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