Megan Fox & Cristiano Ronaldo in Two Sexy Short Films for Armani Jeans

September 19, 2010 unveiled two humorous and sexy short films: Megan Fox starring in “The Tip;” and Cristiano Ronaldo starring in “Housekeeping.” Both films feature Armani Jeans and Emporio Armani Underwear.

Let’s all admit that we all love being voyeurs. Which is what makes these two videos so entertaining to watch. The first, with Megan Fox answering the door to her hotel suite in lingerie then asking the server to put her room service order by the window as she gets dressed is sexy.  The waiter can’t help but watch the seductress do what she does best, seduce as she puts her clothes on.  That’s one big tip for this waiter who refuses the cash tip the Megan tries to hand him. Tres chic.

The Cristiano Ronaldo vid is super cute.  He ransacks his room trying to find his favorite tee shirt to complete his look as his sexy housekeeping lady tidies up a bit.  Wanting to see more of the Real Madrid stud, the naughty housekeeper hides the shirt as Ronaldo unsuccessfully searches for his shirt, topless, showing of his chiseled physique.  I have to admit, I wold do the exact same thing if I were in the housekeeper’s shoes.

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