Jumping on Christian Louboutin’s Lap of Luxxery in Syria

August 12, 2010

My friend Dannia’s mom Hiba Hakki, whom I am very fond off, is a well deserved vacay this week in Syria, where she is from.  She and her hubby, famed cosmetic surgeon Dr. Ayman Hakki of Luxxery Medical Boutique just opened their new location in Georgetown, Luxxery Express, so a little R&R is a given.  Hibs, as I call her, lives the fabulous life and is known for her couture closet, which I am hoping she’ll let me have a play date in someday.  She sent us a picture of one of her many adventures in Syria; a fashion moment that makes me wish I had stowed away in her suitcase to experience first hand.

It seems Christian Louboutin has a taste for the fine cuisine and women of old town Damascus, Syria. The famous high heel designer was spotted with his lawyer and partner French architect Louis Benech at the historic restaurant Naranj in the old city. Louboutin has a pied-a-terre in Allepo and is reportedly the favorite designer of the first lady of Syria, often visiting Damascus to purchase fabrics for his shoes.

The designer was wearing a navy blue blazer with red piping, in good spirits Monday night when Hiba, a bodacious Syrian blond interrupted his dinner for a picture. “I bet you didn’t think anyone would recognize you here!” she said. “Absolutely not!” answered Louboutin. She proceeded to hop in his lap for a photo opp while his partner Louis looked on laughing.  The funny thing is I can totally picture Hiba  giddily jumping on Christian Louboutin’s lap and snapping a few pics. I would bet my bottom dollar on her asking for a second or third photo if it didn’t turn out the way she wanted.

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