Fill in the Blank | Shipley & Halmos at Barneys Co-Op in Georgetown

August 19, 2010

New York designers Sam Shipley and Jeff Halmos are on a multi-city tour for a new book.  As part of their social experiment, the design duo behind Shipley & Halmos are making a stop at Barneys Co-Op stores nationwide and taking the photos of fans and shoppers, who will become a part of their book.  The Glamazon Diaries couldn’t resist stopping by to say hello to these two animated gents known for their downtown chic collection of men’s and women’s clothes.

We asked Jeff how the book, “We’re an American _____” came to be and even got in on the action by having our photo taken as well.  Walking away with a  super cute t-shirt wasn’t bad either.  The book comes out later this year and will be sold in Barneys Co-Op stores as well as online.  Jeff also told us they are not showing a runway collection this fall but will do a presentation for editors.  The designers were intrigued by Go-go music and had a blast eating at Ben’s Chili Bowl. Jeff and Sam are in Houston this week then taking the tour bi-coastal in California. Check out the Barneys Co-Op website for tour dates and cities.

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