The Socializer: Erasing Evidence of the Night Before

July 28, 2010

Ever wonder how celebrities manage to look like they just got out of a relaxing vacation every time the step onto the red carpet despite a night of raging at galas, night clubs or premieres? It’s not just the make-up cover-up that gives Blake Lively her fresh face.  As a sleepless social butterfly in Washington, DC, my work day starts at 5:30pm with a cocktail reception or happy hour and usually followed by a gala or a dinner party. It’s a tough job but someone’s gotta do it right? I usually roll into bed around 2am every night but have to wake up at 7am to submit my articles to my editor for 12pm publication.  
I recently started using a product called The Socializer by skincare guru Elizabeth Grant. The Socializer by Elizabeth Grant is eye-treatment duo that hides erases the hardcore partying from under the eyes. It’s a two for one package deal with two pens, Late Nights and Bright Lights. Late Nights is a creamy formula that is applied in the evening after washing the face. It dissolves quickly with no greasy residue and de-puffs the eyes, erasing traces of the 3am tequila shot at George. The Socializer Bright Lights, with its cooling formula de-puffs, illuminates and reinvigorates, giving the appearance of having a ten hours of sleep while in truth you only had two. 
The duo come packaged together in a black and silver cardboard case and fit easily into a small clutch for those overnight trips, if you know what I mean. The Socializer by Elizabeth Grant is a favorite of Blake Lively, Jessica Szhor, Ginnifer Goodwin and Kristen Bell. It is available online for $40.  So whether you like to piss the night away at your favorite watering hole or hob knob with the likes of Lindsay Lohan until 5am followed by late night skinny dipping, you can wake up rest assured that your boss won’t find traces of the night before on your face. 

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