The Glamazon by Leah & Bliss | A Bag fit for a Glamazon

July 31, 2010

Blame it on vanity or just being self-centered but I get excited over anything with the word "Glamazon" in its name. On my way back from NYC last week, I grabbed the latest issue of O, The Oprah magazine, to kill a few hours as the Boltbus sped through the rain to get me to Washington, DC. Among my favorite finds in the magazine was a handbag called the Glamazon by Leah & Bliss. The handbag is the creation of two New York socialites who wanted to create a bag that would be more of a statement making jewelry piece on the wearers arm rather than just a mere accessory.  Inspired by the Hermes Birkin, the Glamazon Bag by Leah & Bliss is a customizable handbag that comes encrusted in colorful stones.

The Glamazon Bag resembles the Hermes Birkin, which has given some luxury handbag connoisseurs cause for concern; making them run for the hills screaming REPLICA. Leah and Bliss have both said that the bag is not meant to be a replica but an inspiration and a youthful rendition of the iconic Birkin. The Glamazon bag is made of hand-sewn Italian leather and is customized by hand.  Discerning handbag enthusiasts should appreciate this bag for its quirkiness, though there are those who own a Birkin that might not give this bag a chance. I do love this bag however, primarily because of the name and because it is a conversation starter.

The Glamazon by Leah & Bliss comes in various sizes with the smallest starting at $295 and the largest at $495.  If you are content with the ready-made collection, you can simply purchase the bag from the website or at Singer22.  If you want a customized bag that uniquely fits your personality, the girls will work with you to make your concept a reality.  The individually customized bag will cost upward of $1000. At that price though, I would rather save up for a real Birkin but for $500, I wouldn't mind carrying a bag fit for a Glamazon.

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