Blair Waldorf shops at JC Penney

July 22, 2010


Glamour Girl here!

As the summer scorcher rapidly melts everything in sight, the heat is sizzling up closets of our notorious scenesters.  Blair Waldorf jetted off to Paris to mend her broken heart with her BFF Serena van der Woodsen, while her paramour Chuck was lying in a pool of blood from a gun shot wood to the chest.

Spotted on the streets of Manhattan is the Queen B, fresh from her fabulous vacation which, from the leaked photos, had its fair share of drama.  The heatpocalypse that swept through Manhattan might have also swept through Blair’s bank account because she was spotted in a floral skirt from JC Penney.  As you know with Blair’s erratic behavior, one day you’re up the next you’re down on her “worthiness” scale. She plays around with high-low fashion as she pairs her I Heart Ronson for JC Penney skirt with an Erdem tank and

Uh-oh Upper East Siders, has Blair been cut off and resorted to shopping at high street stores? Granted the I Heart Ronson floral skirt is from Charlotte Ronson’s lower end line for JC Penney. We would have thought Blair would downgrade to Zara or Mango but JC Penney? We commend the Queen Bee for stepping out of her comfort zone and shopping with the masses. Perhaps she might be giving her Bergdorf Goodman account a rest in hopes of snagging that one of a kind bridal gown she will wear when Chuck comes back to life and asks her hand in marriage.

I know you are dying to get your hands on Blair’s wardrobe so as your source to all things fabulous, I’ve gone out of my way to put a look together for you inspired by Blair’s outfit. I commend Blair for expanding her fashion vocabulary and opening her mind to other shopping possibilities. Stay tuned to see what Blair puts on next. I’ll be keeping tabs and bringing it straight to you.

You know you love me.


Glamour Girl




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