Yak Pak Summer Travel Totes & Luggage

June 3, 2010

As the summer months start rolling in full swing there will be more get togethers, picnics, and road trips to the beach.  All these trips will require a packing weekend travel wardrobe in an equally stylish bag or luggage that screams, "lookout hot boys at the beach, here I come."

The notion that one  has to stick to plain black luggage is so 1950s. Nowadays, it is imperative to have something that stands out of the pack so that when its time to leave the airport, spotting your luggage is a cinch.  Yak Pak has always taken the lead in creating affordable alternatives for handbags, gym and travel luggage of various sizes, styles and colors.  Always operating on the one can never have enough handbags, luggage or gym bag philosophy, I'm loving the two new Yak Pak styles – The Mesh Backpack and Sling Bag – just released this summer.

With most handbags and gym bags under $45 and luggage under $100, giving the Louis Vuitton travel set a rest this summer is a must.  The Yak Pak is on the Glamazon summer essentials list. Fill up the mesh bag with your favorite magazines, sunscreen, your cocoa butter chapstick, a caftan, sunglasses, bronzer and your iPod filled with some summer favorites for a day at the beach.

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