Washington Life welcomes Award Winning Director Oliver Stone to Washington

June 24, 2010

Teatro Goldoni's Michael Kosmides, Oliver Stone and Washington Life associate publisher John Arundel

Washington Life feted the arrival of Oscar winning director Oliver Stone, in town promoting his new documentary South of the Border,  premiering at the AFI Silverdocs Film Festival next month, at Teatro Goldoni last night. Stone, who was busy meeting with lawmakers and officials received a warm embrace by Washington socialites looking to hob knob with the Any Given Sunday, Wall Street, and World Trade Center director. Michael Kosmides's Italian restaurant, Teatro Goldoni, which was named Best DC Italian restaurant by Esquire magazine, was the venue befitting of welcoming Stone.

Stone's "South of the Border" is an eye opening documentary that examines the socialist leaders of South America.  Stone chummies up to Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez to explore the leader's policies and actions towards other nations and leaders of the free world; he also manages to show the beauty and struggles of the people living there who are trying to find their footing in a changing world as they shift out of centuries of Colonial rule.

Angie Goff, Kristen & John Cecchi and Courtney Caldwell

Stone has always had an interest in Latin America and U.S. foreign policy within mainstream media and uses his knowledge for his documentary projects that have included a conversation with Cuba's Fidel Castro and Yasser Arafat. South of the Border is scheduled to open July 2nd.  Stone expressed respect and reverence for Washington and its citizens who work tirelessly for change.  He spoke of admiring the motivation and endurance within the DC community saying that DC natives are a "part of the American push to make things better…and [he] love[s] it." In anticipation of the new documentary, many fans of Stone who attended the event showed their full support for the documentarian and his lifetime achievements.

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