Intern Tory’s Corner: Cannes Film Festival Fashion Do’s and Don’ts

June 1, 2010

The 63rd Annual Cannes Film Festival brings in all the celebs for a star studded night of film and screen. One of the highlights of such an event is seeing all of the attendees dress up. I always look forward to my few favorites, just to see what they’ll wear on the red carpet, in hopes that one days I’ll be able to do the same! Although I always expect the best from all of the stars, it never seems to work out that way- there are always a few outfit that I have to step back from and really question.
I’m am not really sure what was happening with this…

Um…I applaud their bold efforts but I really have no idea what they were thinking. The dress…looks aquatic, mermaid-esque- which I usually don’t have a problem with but this dress in particular is too crazy for me. I just don’t like the colors, it’s a little too busy. As for her arm candy, is that seriously blue sequin? I feel bad but, if I looked this way I’d want someone to let me know!

Ehh…it screams bird. I feel as if she was trying to be inventive and chic however, maybe it’s just me, but I am not loving this. I don’t think it does anything for her figure and the hat… literally, no words.

Now this is stunning. Peep Kate Beckinsale in this beautiful black sequined high-split Balmain dress. GET OUT OF HERE! She looks unbelievable- it’s so edgy and sophisticated for this young actress. And I especially love the studded belt!

And finally, Naomi Campbell, so elegant and fierce. I love her. Here, she wore a gold and black sequined Roberto Cavalli haltered mermaid dress. She completely rocked it and gave every attendee a run for their money!

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