Chic in the City: Bergdorf Goodman’s @Bergdorfs

June 30, 2010


Bergdorf Goodman is the place where fashion dreams are made of and for those living outside of New York City, access to the quintessential department store is limited to virtual shopping on the world wide web.  In the age of social media platforms like Twitter and Foursquare, befriending online personalities is quickly becoming the norm. As a somewhat online personality myself, I stay abreast of the latest boutiques, designers and department stores that join Twitter. I mean everyone is doing it.I regularly correspond with Bergdorf Goodman or @Bergdorfs (in Twitterspeak) over fashion and New York. At times it baffles me how the person behind BG manages to tweet all day and night.  I pictured a girl in stilettos traipsing up and down the many gorgeous floors of Bergdorfs, snapping tweetphotos and offering advice for the loyal followers that can’t get enough of her or the store.  Turns out this gal-about-town’s sole job is to handle social media for BG.

On my recent trip to New York City, I decided to meet my New York Twitter friends – most of whom I’d never met but felt as close to as my girls here in Washington.  I headed to Fifth Avenue & 58th Street for a one-on-one with the girl behind the twitter handle @Bergdorfs, a twenty-something girl with penchant for fashion and social media.

The intrigue, romanticism and allure of Bergdorf Goodman doesn’t never wears off. With floors upon floors of designers, a trip to the shoe and beauty salons is a must,  I couldn’t help but be jealous of this girl’s job.  I met up with @Bergdorfs on 5F the contemporary floor, where Alexander Wang, Philip Lim, Elizabeth & James, Theory, Acne and other fashion faves reside.

Meeting @Bergdorfs aka Cannon Tekstar-Hodge felt like a going on a blind date. We’ve known each other for so long via web that I was anxious to meet her in person.  A few thoughts ran through my mind, “what does she look like?” “will we click?” “Is she as funny and fun as she is online?” “Will we get along?”. To my surprise, the svelte brunette in studded Christian Louboutin loafers was warm, funny and exactly what I expected her to be: fabulous. We ran around 5F picking out outfits for the Bergdorfs Goodman blog 5th/58th 5F Fridays. The topic: What to Wear to your post-college job interview.

I dished with @Bergdorfs for almost two hours on fashion, her favorite floors at Bergdorf Goodman and New York. We talked over frozen yogurt at the Bergdorf Goodman Bar 5F.  I learned that she loves fro-yo with almonds, we have a few good friends and fashion pet peeves in common.

@Bergdorfs will remain anonymous to those in the outside world but it doesn’t mean we can’t find out more about her. She is definitely chic in the city, New York City, and has one of the move coveted jobs a girl could ever want. Getting paid to tweet, stay of Facebook, run up and down the posh floors of Bergdorf Goofman isn’t an easy job but someone has to do it. Check out @Bergdorfs answers to our twenty-five questions and what makes her so fabulous. 

Name: Bergdorfs
Age: loving my 20s
Job: Spreading the Bergdorf Buzz
Neighborhood: 5th Avenue, 58th Street

How would you describe your look? 
Quirky chic – actually, I’m kind of a mess…but a fashionable mess.

What should every woman have in her wardrobe?
Confidence. A really good mirror. And a striped mariner shirt.

Do you have a fashion mentor? 
The City itself! Eyes constantly studying how people define themselves.

Who are your favorite designers? 
That changes daily

What designers or labels do you actually wear the most? 
That’s a very long, very complicated answer. So I’ll save you the time… but you’ll see me shopping 5F…and adding to my dream closet on the third floor (it’s a very posh dream closet).

First designer item ever bought?
I have no idea!! Should I feel bad about that? Family joke is that, as a tyke, I insisted upon sleeping in Dior jammies but who knows…

Where do you shop? 
5F, our 2nd floor shoe salon… then flea markets & stoop sales for an element of whimsy….and my Mom’s closet when I’m home (shhh!)

What are you lusting after right now? 
A week on the beach with the perfect tan and mix-n-match bikini (DVF, Le Tarte, JPG). And definitely a drink with an umbrella in it.

What’s the one thing you can’t live without?
It’s threefold:
1. Chats with my Mom (we skype).
2. 5F’s plain frozen yogurt with almonds.
3. My very rad dog.

To Latenight or Not to Latenight? 
Where is it. Who’s there. And is there a password? I don’t do lines.

In one sentence, what do you actually do all day in your job? 
SPREAD THE BERGDORF BUZZ: 5th/58th Blog posts, Facebook updates, Twitter chats (obviously, I’m addicted), mini-photoshoots & video moments, video edit & photoshop, field FB & Twitter customer service sitchis, and connect our followers to what they must have in their closet.

What’s your favorite bar? 
The Clover Club

What’s in your DVD player right now? 
I don’t have a tv! But I’ve been known the watch Barbarella on my laptop… the opening scene puts me into fits of giggles. Plus the costumes are absolutely epic.

How much is too much to spend on a pedicure? 
Honest to blog: I have no idea – polish changes regularly. I have much too much fun playing with the colors on the Beauty Level.

When’s bedtime? 
That all depends on the day, the job & the night. In a perfect world, 10pm on a school night – but that never happens!

Brunch: pro or con and where? 
PRO!!! Cowgirl Hall of Fame is where the girls & I dish it (chicken fried steak & mashed potatoes with a blood orange margarita)… but when we want to feel extra special, we toast our mimosas over plates of lemon ricotta pancakes & lobster egg benedicts – while enjoying the amaze view from BG Restaurant (sigh)

Most expensive thing in your closet?
Confession: it’s a piece of art given to me by someone long ago. Contrary to most, my nyc closet is huge – so I enjoy looking at the etching while getting dressed. Makes me feel savvy.

What do you hate most about living in NYC? 
Distance from my family. And lack of quality sweet tea.

Subway, Cab it or Drive? 
I am a subway master. I also am keen for a nice long walk. But I really wish I could just say skateboard.

Style icon who represents your style the most? 
Iris Apfel’s mixology with a dash of Charlotte Gainsbourg

Vogue, Elle or Bazaar? 
Monocle. Am a bit of an addict…but you already knew that.

An insider tip about where to go in NYC for the outsider? 
Take the road less traveled and do as New Yorkers do – go to galleries, soak in the sun by the Hudson, enjoy Manhattan’s skyline from the boardwalk in Brooklyn Heights, skip the tourist trap lines & have a delicious slice at Pomodoro’s – and check out our curiosities on the Seventh Floor!!

If you could be anything what would it be? 
I’ll let you know when I figure that out… but it’s not far from what I’m doing right now!

Would you rather be a superhero or a villain? 
What powers would you have? Superhero – and with just a touch, I would transform places a la Tim Burton…or Jasper Fforde.

What is the one thing you do often when no one is looking?
Take pictures and more-than-likely tweet it.

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