The Summer Essentials: Ray-Ban Aviators

May 18, 2010

Iggy & The Stooges and the New York Dolls join forces with The Virgins, Free Energy, Plastiscines and The Big Pink  to put on a series of shows to celebrate the most iconic music fashion accessory: the aviator. Along with the concert are a series of portraits by rock photog Kevin Cummins.  Ray-Ban has re-imagined the aviators with six new collections.  The new collection include: Ray-Ban Aviator Titanium, Ray-Ban Aviator Craft, Ray-Ban Aviator Metal Glide, Ray-Ban Aviator Ultra Gold, Ray-Ban Aviator Road Spirit and Ray-Ban Aviator Tech. Prices range from $139 to $485, the lenses are available in two different versions, polarized and non-polarized. You only have to wait a month to get your hands on one of these sunglasses, which will be available at Sunglass Hut.

Road Spirit: The Aviator gets a creative dress with the new Road Spirit. The details around the shapes confer a younger look to this evergreen model for the people that live on the road.

Ray-Ban Craft: On these restyled icons the top bar and temple end pieces are covered with soft hand-sewn leather. Ray-Ban Craft is a celebration of craftsmanship, an important and valuable element in the history of Ray-Ban. Ray-Bans have always made a statement about the bold and unique individuals who wear them. Now, the aviator model is enriched with premium details and skilfully handcrafted with genuine leather.

Tech: Carbon fibre is an extraordinarily sturdy yet extremely lightweight material. It has a very fine, threadlike structure and it is used to manufacture a wide range of materials referred to as “composites” because the fibres are combined with a matrix – generally resin – designed to hold these extremely strong fibres together, protect them and maintain the shape of the product. The result of this patented process is a frame that is extremely lightweight, sturdy, flexible and exceptionally durable.

Classic Aviator: This frame became an icon of style and design, and the model that signalled the birth of a timeless legend. The Ray-Ban Aviator has gradually earned its place as an essential fashion accessory for men and women. Ray-Ban lives up to its name by offering maximum wearer protection while delivering the distinctive style that has become world-famous thanks to the many Hollywood stars.

Metal Glide: Ray-Ban re-works its most iconic models in an explosion of fresh color. The bright, bold colorways work to highlight the original and non-conformist spirit that remains an intrinsic feature of the Ray-Ban brand. The Aviator gets a new dress with ne w glossy colors. Shiny and funny colors with tone on tone lenses, that highlighting Ray-Ban’s unique and independent character, since 1937.

Ultra Gold: The Ray-Ban Ultra limited edition of this style icon features an updated design improved in its classic shapes, enriched with new, prestigious details, and updated with the contribution of cutting-edge technology: titanium, beta-titanium, and pure gold, combining contemporary taste with tradition, technology with beauty, solidity with legend. The entire frame is 22K gold plated and wears the new P3 (P-Cube) lenses that further reflect the quality and technological core of Ray-Ban Ultra designs.

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