What to wear in 90 degree weather

April 6, 2010

We’ve been begging for heat for two months now and God answered our prayers with 90 degrees on a Tuesday afternoon in the second week of April.  I always say I would take heat over cold weather any day but only if humidity is low. This day calls for a cool shade somewhere on the waterfront drinking cold frozen margaritas or sucking on an ice pop.

It’s a bit tricky trying to decide what to wear this time of year because the weather fluctuates so much. For me, my go to items for spring include include a lot of accessorizing but knowing how to keep it light so that I am not burning up with a ton of layers is key.  Today is a white skirt sort of day. I know it’s before Memorial Day but the old tradition of not wearing white before then is out the window. To limit the backlash from the old school gals, I love mixing light and dark colors in easy and breezy fabrics when the weather heats up.  I am currently saving up for another pair of the Yves Saint Laurent Tribute sandals and I’ve got my eyes on the denim pair.  Here is an outfit that would work for work or play in 90 degree weather.  For the work option, simply add a DKNY cozy or a J.Crew cardigan to cover up your arms and shoulders.

Yves Saint Laurent Tribute Sandal – Dark Blue     Betsey Johnson Leopard Heart Stud Earrings

Ray-Ban “High Street Wayfarer” Sunglasses Lauren Long Pavé Link Necklace

Chloé ‘Marcie Small’ Leather Satchel

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