Politico Click asks, "What are you wearing?"

April 21, 2010

Politico Click’s Kiki Ryan nabbed me to the side at the Capitol File fete for Anna Kournikova to inquire about the dress I was wearing. Turns out she just started a new section of the Politico Click website dedicated to what Washingonians are wearing to all the swanky events.  Yours truly makes an appearance following former tennis sensation Anna Kourniova, legendary journalist Bob Schieffer and CNN’s Michelle Jaconi.

Loved a dress you saw at an event? Need some money-saving fashion tips? Wonder just how much men understand about what they are wearing? Then this new CLICK feature is for you. What Are You Wearing? will ask some prominent Washingtonians about their wardrobes, while getting the inside dish about their taste and fashion preferences along the way.

This week we caught up with tennis star Anna Kournikova, who chose a dress from a well-known designer for an event in her honor. Meanwhile, CBS News’s Bob Schieffer donned a belt he’s had for over 50 years at the Grammys on the Hill event. To find out what they had to say about their choices and more, including why CNN’s Michelle Jaconi loves dresses, check out the video above.[Politico]

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