New York Fashion Week Fall 2010 Presentation: Andy & Debb

February 19, 2010

INSPIRATION: The husband and wife team that make up the eponymous label Andy & Debb showed a strong fall 2010 collection.  Deriving inspiration from nature, the duo teamed up with Korean print maker Miro Kim to create a custom made ginko biloba leaf print for the collection. The collection paid homage to the resilience of New Yorkers and Koreans, who are able to survive thrive despite adversities, just like the gingo biloba tree, which can flourish in urban environments.
TOP LOOKS: A tuxedo jumpsuit, artfully constructed long sleeved mini dress with the gingo print, deep plunge leather jacket dress, chocolate brown power suit with strong shoulders, fur collar mini trench.
ACCESSORIES: lace up ankle boots, opaque tights, elbow length leather gloves, wide and thin waist cinching belts.
CELEBRITIES SPOTTED: Actress and model Devon Aoki, New York Majestic football player Tanyka Renee.
MY REVIEW: The Andy & Debb show was one of my favorites.  I loved the textures that were used to treat the fabrics, bringing familiar fabrics into a new age.  Fur and felt were transformed into patchwork for coats and vests.  What I really loved about the collection was its wearability. Every single piece in the collection was something that a woman would want to wear.  What I love about a collection is seeing something familiar done in a new and youthful way.  Who wouldn't want to wear a ruffled fur coat with elbow length leather gloves? Just because it's fall doesn't mean hemlines need to be dropped. The Andy & Debb collection was strong, sexy yet elegant.  I can the pieces worn here in Washington, DC because it's conservative without being boring.

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