Stretch the life of your denim with Adjust-a-Button

January 12, 2010

The holidays are very unfriendly to my budget and my waistline. Between the abundance of cookies, cakes, candies and popcorn gift sets I received from neighbors to the lavish holiday parties and galas, I probably gained ten pounds from overindulging. The new year brings the challenge of my hefty weight loss goals. I’m trying to drop serious poundage to fit more comfortably into my pants and skirts. One new product I am loving is Adjust-a-Button, which literally stretches the life of my pants and skirts by allowing me to wear slightly tighter waist bands comfortably.

Adjust-a-Button, a product from Style’N’Fix, is super simple to use. In fact, I’ve been using it on a couple of corduroy and jean skirts to make them fit a bit more loose. You simply find a more comfortable position for the button, poke the button portion through your jeans and close it with the pull spring tab and voila! you have a new button.

Save yourself a trip to the tailor and the costly replacement of your favorite denim with the affordable pair of Adjust-a-Button, which retails for $18. You can also use the product to make looser fitting denim a bit tighter around the waist to eliminate that back gaping.

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