Np2 nail polish duos are so 2010

January 11, 2010

I am one of those girls whose beauty routine is often so simple that my friend wonder why it takes me so long to get ready. I try to simplify my beauty routine with all in one products and usually flock towards products that will not take up too much space in my cabinet.

Np2 Beauty immediately got my attention with Blue Planet, Celsius, Cosmic Ray, Atomic, Electric Charge, Gravity, Electromagnetic, Momemtum and Quantum leap, names of out of this world nail lacquers with a dirty little secret. Each nail color bottle comes with a chip resistant topcoat that snaps neatly on top so that you can conveniently seal your nail color without reaching for another bottle.

You can go on the Np2 website and get a virtual manicure to see which colors work better with your skin tone. The nail color collection includes over 30 mouth watering colors to match everything in your closet and retails for $22.50 each; a bit more expensive than the mass retail brands but definitely worth it. I’m probably tossing out most of my nail colors since they’ve been lying around for more than five years. I know, it’s horrible but I do realize that I need to take my beauty routine more seriously. What can I say, I’m a simple gal who usually gravitates towards clear polish on my fingernails and fire engine red or burgundy polish on my toes.

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