Glamazon goes to the movies: Leap Year and we loved it!

January 8, 2010

My friend Emily and I went to see the pre-screening of Leap Year staring Amy Adams and the hunky Matthew Goode last night at the AMC theater in Potomac Mills. We walked out of the theater feeling so giddy about finding a hunky Irish or British guy like Goode’s Declan that we both gave the movie two thumbs up. If you are into chic flicks, slap stick comedy and have a penchant for fashion, I recommend you going to see this movie. The movie is about an American girl who goes on a journey to Dublin to propose to her cardiologist boyfriend on Leap Day, the only day a girl can propose to the object of her affection. She stops at an inn for the night and asks Goode’s character, Declan, to take her to Dublin. Though they start off on a rough patch, they end up discovering a lot about each other and through the process fall in love.

The movie has gotten bad reviews with critics but I always never go with critic reviews anyway. I encourage all the girls to go check out the movie because it is just a delight. Throughout the movie, you wonder how Anna manages to walk in four inch stilettos through the beautiful Irish countryside. Many women will relate to Anna, who will not tolerate having her Louis Vuitton luggage abused by those who don’t understand it’s value. You realize how this materialistic woman slowly softens and evolves into a vulnerable character, making it possible for her to find true love.

Only a girl will truly appreciate this romantic comedy that male critics can’t seem to grasp. It’s quirky, a fantasy (who doesn’t want to meet a dashing Irishman with a swoon worthy accent on an overseas trip?), fashionistas will appreciate a lot of the jokes in the movie. Like Anna refusing to walk any further in her Alejandro Ingelmo heels or breaking her $600 heels. The movie even pokes fun at expensive luggage.

In the beginning Anna tells Declan to handle her Louis Vuitton suitcase with care. To which Declan responds, “Who’s Louis?”

Vuitton,” Anna replies. Perplexed that this man does not even know the value of a Louis Vuitton.
Another LV dialogue towards the end of the movie:
“Wait, where’s Louis [Vuitton],” Anna asks.
“I strapped him to the roof,” replies Declan.
“But he’ll get dirty up there,” Anna replies.
“Don’t worry, we’ll throw him in the wash. He’ll be grand,” Declan replies.

My favorite quote from the movie was when the pair stumble upon a wedding and stay for the reception. In the bride’s speech she says:

“May you never steal, lie or cheat. But if you have to steal, then steal away my sorrows. If you have to lie, then lie with me all the nights of our life. If you have to cheat, then cheat death because I don’t want to live a day without you”

There are tons of lessons we can all learn from the movie. What is true love? Should a girl really push the envelope on love and rush to the alter just because her beloved has not proposed after three years? What is true love? Declan asks what Anna the one thing she would grab if there was a fire in her apartment. Check out how that plays in the movie. I wish the movie would have come out on Valentine’s Day but I guess it’s nice to start of the new year with a delightful romantic comedy. Oh and the scenery isn’t shabby either.

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