Fingerless Knit Gloves | Alice Cullen loves them

January 12, 2010

I’ve finally completed the Twilight saga. I stayed up until 4:00AM to finish Breaking Dawn and wish the book would never end. I’m in love with Edward Cullen, who is probably the most perfect man in this entire world, if he were real, however, my favorite Cullen in the vampire coven is Alice. Played by the beautiful Ashley Greene, Alice is the fashionista in the Cullen crew, with a keen eye for fashion that this Glamazon cannot help but love her.

Alice’s style in the New Moon movie was ultra chic and so attainable by the mere mortal. She is a fan of layers, probably because she doesn’t want her diamond skin exposed to mortals. I loved one of her casual looks from the movie (left). Alice layers a short sleeved blue coat on top of a long sleeved t-shirt and completes the look with fingerless knit gloves and a scarf.

I own a couple of pairs of fingerless leather gloves and love using them in the summer for a rocker chic look. I didn’t really see the purpose of a fingerless knit gloves since their purpose is to keep your hands warm. There are times when you want your fingers out of gloves in the winter but still want to keep you arms warm. For starters you can actually type on your tiny little Blackberry or iPhone with fingerless knit gloves in the winter. I can’t tell you how often I have to take off my gloves just to type a quick note to friends I’m meeting out at a bar or a restaurant. Below are a few of my favorite fingerless knit gloves.

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