Babette Epaulette: Fierce couture shoulder jewelry

January 11, 2010

I’m always on the lookout for accessories that will breathe new life into my basic ensembles. Whether it’s a new belt to cinch the waist of my favorite little black dress or an ornate pin to spruce up a blazer and jean combo, accessories are the items I buy the most. It doesn’t hurt that they don’t take much room in my closet. I got a note in my inbox from a new accessories line so ferocious that I got click-happy on their website.

Babette Epaulette, an accessories company that designs shoulder jewelry to spruce up jackets, bare shoulders, dresses and anything else a fashionsta might rock on any given day, is fresh on the scene with fabulous shoulder jewelry that will put the fierceness back into your lifestyle.

The Babette Epaulette shoulder jewelry are made with metal chains, feathers, spikes, leather fringe and other materials. Last season’s sharp shoulder blazers and dresses will look even more in style with the military inspired shoulder trinkets. Think Balmain’s futuristic military jackets but on a working girl’s budget. How fabulous will black leggings, an oversized tee and blazer look with Babette Epaulettes? I am swooning over every single piece.

You can wear just one on your shoulder for some added elegance or make a statement with one epaulettes on each shoulder. The pieces are hand made in New York City by designer Seville Michelle Anasots. Anasots, a stylist turned designer, was inspired by a very “well-known pop star” she worked with. I can only guess who that could be…perhaps Rihanna?

The Babette Epaulette collection is affordable, with pieces retailing for $149. They can add more glamour and ferocity to any piece in your closet. I have a few pieces I want to get for myself, including the feather plume piece above and the leather fringe.

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