Are we really clogged up?

January 29, 2010

You’ve always known that fashion is cyclical; that everything ends up coming back in style eventually.  I’m a sucker for reinventions and applaud designers when they put a fresh new perspective on an old trend.  For instance, the sharp shoulder look from last season was perfection. Clean silhouettes and fitted jackets made sharp shoulder a lot more flattering  than the ’80s bulky and oversized powersuits. This spring, another older made its turn on the runway and I’m scared to see it take hold on the streets. Clogs are supposed to be coming back ladies.

I’ve never been a fan of clogs, not in middle school, elementary school, ever. Unless they were on the feet of a Swedish milkmaid, they should never see the light of day. Louis Vuitton and Chanel sent clogs down their runway for Spring 2010. Although the Chanel clogs are very wearable, I am in no way going to spend more than $50 on clogs of any kind.  The Louis Vuitton clogs are in a league of their own.  Ugg-like clogs with the Louis Vuitton monogrammed on them and a little business in the front. By business I mean a mangy looking curly wig-like thingy in the front of the clogs.  Who wants to walk down the street with hair growing on their feet? The Louis Vuitton clogs and footwear for Spring 2010 were just plain vulgar. On the plus side, I do love that many designers switched to kitten heels and thicker heels for spring.

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